About Us

Live young! Embrace the freedom of the winds! All those friends who find 9-5 job a sheer waste of precious lifetime, start backpacking, India Holiday wants to quench your wanderlust! India Holiday is a friendly and dynamic tour operating and travel agency based in Pune, Maharashtra. We organize domestic tours all over India and international tours to all over world. We also offer theme based holiday packages, and all those looking to obtain travel related services would be pleased to find an array of services all in one shop. We provide airline ticketing services, passport & Visa services, travel insurance services, cruises services, hotel booking, car & coach rental services, etc., and at excellent rates. India Holidays was launched in 2003 and the company is being headed by the company, Gujjar Group . We believe it does not matter how many miles one travels but what matters is how much quality experience one gains while travelling. And at India Holidays, we offer abounding choices to the travelers to plan their own tour. This is how we also relieve them from the restriction of picking up the brochure and choosing a tour. For all those travelers who like idea of going on a pre-made tour, our tours would not disappoint you. India Holidays is a respectable tour operating company and gives utter importance to its clients. Whether you are a woman who wants to take a tour all alone or a senior citizen, we would take supreme care of your needs. We are into business and would ensure you are served with highest professionalism and delivered more than satisfactory services in exchange for the money you trusted to pay us. Services
  • Domestic tours all over world
  • International tours worldwide
  • Holiday Packages
  • Airline Ticketing Services
  • Hotel Booking Services
  • Airline, Rail & Bus Ticketing Services
  • Passport & Visa Services
  • Travel Insurance Services
  • Cruise Services
  • Corporate & Private Events
  • Car & Coach Services